Suneeda Maruthiyil

A Woman Alone

 Written by Franca Rama and Dario Fo

Trapped, Sharon makes her confession. Amid domestic chores, dodgy phone calls, a sex-mad brother-in-law and a forever screaming baby she reveals how loving a young student led to being imprisoned by her jealous husband. Originally a monologue, the adaptation had five women playing the different facets of the main character.

The white set with criss-crossed wires overhead and cracks on the floor alluded to Sharon’s confines – an apartment, an institution or her mind.

The costumes for all five women were the basic shift/nightie shape but with individual character embellishments – plain, sexy, classy, suicidal and free-spirited.


The first glimpse of the set for DogOrange’s frenetic, inventive production gives little doubt as to what is to come. Stark, bleached white, framed by a cracked floor and wires hanging like frayed nerve endings, the space is as frazzled as the increasingly desperate Sharon…..What the set doesn’t give away is the boldness of the interpretation or the surprising frequency with which we find humour in her awful situation.

 Chris Sims, Remotegoat


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Costume:  basic shift/nightie shape but with individual character embellishments – plain, sexy (larger lace collar), classy (satin side trim), suicidal (red embroidery) and free-spirited (leaf lace gun belt).


Set: The white set was suggestive of an institution or Sharon’s apartment.  Coat hangers and long lengths of wires criss-crossed overhead in bundles of five symbolising a tangled web of lies and frayed nerves.  A bullet hole and cracks were painted on the floor with mould around the edges. A movable mirror was made and the white furniture was used in different configurations.


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