Suneeda Maruthiyil

A Perfect Ganesh

Written by Terance McNally

A Perfect Ganesh follows the spiritual journey of two friends as they tour India with the Elephant God, Ganesh, appearing before them in many guises.

For a four-hander, there were eighteen characters, many of which were played by Rupert Mason as the supporting  character including Katherine’s murdered son.

The set consisted of a shrine for Ganesh and a free-moving frame supporting five of the eighteen scenes of the play.  Swags of fabric were used to create a backdrop of hills and sky.


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Costume Period: 1980’s US, Traditional Indian, 1930’s.


Set Description: Movable frame with interchangeable panels and hooks for curtain pole. Decorative shrine surround. Set dressed with swags of blue and green satin and white gauze. Floor painted in earthy tones in a spattered ray effect emanating from shrine.

Prop makes: Puppets for Rajastan puppet show with detachable boy Ganesh head (boy/elephant). Roller blind with painting of India and Ganesh’s parents (Parvati & Lord Shiva). Ganesh mask embellished with jewels


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