Suneeda Maruthiyil

Mary Rose

Written by J.M Barrie

In the grey waters surrounding the Hebrides spirits and a mystic rowan tree keep vigil over the island that ‘likes to be visited’.

In a Sussex manor house another ghost keeps watch, yearning for the return of her beloved boy.

The set required to travel back and forth in time – from a dilapidated manor house in 1920’s back to a chintzy Victorian home and then to an island with a mystical rowan tree.



The space is intimate and played with very cleverly, with a lot of attention paid to props and set.

Samantha Spurgin, Remotegoat

Designed by Suneeda Maruthiyil, using a keen eye for detail  combined with an imaginative approach, the set is well-constructed and versatile.

Vanessa Bunn, Extra!Extra!


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Photographs by Guido Mencari

Description of set: Dilapidated manor house in 1920’s.  Victorian home 25 years earlier. Island with painted rowan tree and movable rowan tree with flexible branches/arms.

Paint effect: Embossed wallpaper, hessian coverings, William Turner-style floor.

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